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The journal Soudobé dějiny [Contemporary History] was founded in 1993 as a quarterly. It usually comes out as two single issues plus one double issue per year. Soudobé dějiny is a professional, peer-reviewed (since 1995), historical journal on the history of the 20th century, focusing on topics related to the existence of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic in the international context. It offers studies, essays, articles, reviews, documents, memoirs, reports on historical conferences. Except for the section Horizont (Horizon), reserved for translations of foreign articles, Soudobé dějiny brings only original work and gives emphasis on primary historical research. The issues of the journal are usually thematically structured and focused. Soudobé dějiny strives for overall thematic, methodological, professional and genre openness and welcomes factual discussions or polemics. Soudobé dějiny has the ambition to attract not only professional historians and related experts or history teachers, but also to reach a broader public. The aim of Soudobé dějiny is to contribute to a deeper and professionally justified view of the recent past, to the restoration of social memory, to a deepening of the sense of historical reflection and, last but not least, to the refinement of contemporary history as a distinct historical discipline in the Czech Republic.

Soudobé dějiny is published by the Institute of Contemporary History. It was registered by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic on 16th April 1993. By authority of the Director if the Institute, it is run by Mr. Milan Drápala, Editor-in-Chief, and the Editorial Board. The Scientific Board, as a wider consultative body, co-decides on the concept of the journal. The publication of the main articles is subject to a standard professional review procedure. You are most welcome to contribute. We are especially interested in annotations, reviews and reports on historical conferences and similar events.

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Editorial Board

Milan Drápala (Ústav pro soudobé dějiny AV ČR, v. v. i.), editor-in-chief
Markéta Devátá (Ústav pro soudobé dějiny AV ČR, v. v. i.)
Daniela Kolenovská (Ústav pro soudobé dějiny AV ČR, v. v. i.)
Jiří Křesťan (Národní archiv)
Françoise Mayerová (École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris)
Vítězslav Sommer (Ústav pro soudobé dějiny AV ČR, v. v. i.)
Jiří Suk (Ústav pro soudobé dějiny AV ČR, v. v. i.)
Oldřich Tůma (Ústav pro soudobé dějiny AV ČR, v. v. i.)
Jiří Vykoukal (Institut mezinárodních studií Fakulty sociálních věd UK)

Scientific Board

Vojtech Čelko (Prague)
Jürgen Danyel (Dresden)
Eva Hahnová (Augustfehn)
Miloš Havelka (Prague)
Peter Heumos (Munich)
Ivan Kamenec (Bratislava)
Łukasz Kamiński (Warsaw)
Karel Kaplan (Prague)
Jiří Knapík (Opava)
Michal Kopeček (Prague)
Pavel Kosatík (Prague)
Jan Křen (Prague)
Robert Kvaček (Prague)
Martin Nodl (Prague)
Alena Nosková (Prague)
Milan Otáhal (Prague)
Derek Paton (Prague)
Jiří Pernes (Brno)
Jiří Pešek (Prague)
Vilém Prečan (Prague)
Petr Šafařík (Prague)


PhDr. Milan Drápala
+420 257 286 344,

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