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An act of annihilation and oblivion: The executed politician disappeared from a photograph (Prague, the Old Town Square, February 1948: Czechoslovak Prime Minister Klement Gottwald with his Foreign Minister Vladimir Clementis and without him)
A challenge to historical knowledge: Realities of Nazism, Communism and Socialism in the 20th century melting pot.


Demokratická revoluce 1989 Československo Němečtí odpůrci nacismu v Československu výzkumný projekt KSČ a bolševismus Disappeared Science

Obrazové aktuality

Johanna Bockman: “1989 as a Thwarted Transition to Socialism: Mainstream Neoclassical Economists and their Socialist Programs”
Jan Drahokoupil: ”The ‘neoliberal’ strategy of economic transformation: Where did it come from and what were the alternatives?”
Konference 1989: Thinking Revolution in East-Central Europe

Ve dnech 2. - 3. 10. 2014 proběhla v Praze konference "1989: Thinking Revolution in East Central Europe"