Department of Real Socialism

In terms of its focus, the department´s research concentrates mainly on three decades of contemporary history – from the early 1960s until the late 1980s – when the Czech Lands and Czechoslovakia witnessed a number of “great events” and were undergoing very dynamic changes and developments not just in the party and political life, but also in the economic, social and cultural domains. After more than two decades of free studies of the recent past and since the beginnings of the formation of contemporary history as an autonomous discipline of history, with interdisciplinary overlaps into political science, sociology, economy and national economy, anthropology, ethnology or literary science), there appears a growing social demand for a deeper and more synthetic concept of the period under study. Apart from employing a number of other historical methods of basic research, the department is known for making use of the method of oral history (including an emphasis on analyzing and interpreting such data) and strives for mutual cooperation with research teams abroad studying similar or related topics.

Although the period under study is often divided by many unquestionably significant milestones or into narrower frameworks (international, national, regional, sectoral, group), the department´s research activities instead attempt to go beyond such limits and view the topics under study in broader contexts and comparisons, the objective being to find a proper place of the decades of the real socialism, including specifics, continuities and discontinuities related to both previous and subsequent periods, in our contemporary history. From a viewpoint of history, the above approach is expected to help find answers to questions what parts of the real socialism (ideological apparatus, formal and informal structures, memory heritage, “real socialism” history imprints in general) have played or are still playing a role in the life of today´s Czech (and also Slovak) society.


head: Vaněk Miroslav
Bednařík Petr, Bortlová#Vondráková Hana, Franc Martin, Hlaváček Jiří, Hoppe Jiří, Krátká Lenka, Mücke Pavel, Nosková Helena, Schindler-Wisten Petra, Tůma Oldřich, Vilímek Tomáš, Vondrová Jitka

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