Research Group for the History of Late Socialist and Postsocialist Transformation

The working group brings together researchers from across the different departments of the Institute of Contemporary History, who in their work focuses on the period of economic, political, social and cultural changes at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s. It thus responds to the growing interest of contemporary history as a field in examining not only the era of dictatorship before 1989, but also the period of building democracy and the free market and the related social and cultural changes. The group’s work is based on the premise that many transformational processes of the 1990s have their roots in earlier periods. It therefore approaches transformation from the perspective of the so-called „long change“.

The mission of the group is to be a platform for discussion between different methodological approaches for the study of the transformation period. It thus brings together researchers working on political, economic, social, intellectual and cultural history. The group’s activities consist primarily of internal discussion meetings and the organization of methodological workshops.

Research Team

head: Pehe Veronika
Babička Martin, Bílý Matěj, Fikarová Lucie, Gjuričová Adéla, Hlaváček Jiří, Holub Ondřej, Kopeček Michal, Krátká Lenka, Pinerová Klára, Rameš Václav, Roubal Petr, Spurný Matěj, Vilímek Tomáš

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