Society and regime 1948–1989 research group

The group´s research activities concentrate on monitoring the development and transformations of the Czech society during the Communist regime. At the moment, the group deals with a broad spectrum of modes of resistance of the society against the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia. Its primary focus is not on the phenomena known as the “third resistance” or “dissent” in the Czech public discourse, which produce a too narrow and distorting perspective when the multi-layered and changing relationship between the society and the regime is examined; the principal objective is to capture, identify, analyze, and interpret the modes, sources, transformations and goals of a variety of manifestations of disagreement, dissociation, criticism or resistance generated by individuals or social, professional and age groups against the regime and its efforts and claims in many ways (in an organized manner, consciously, spontaneously, situationally) – and naturally also the consequences of the broad spectrum of phenomena, including the result of the Communist experiment, i.e. the final collapse of the Communist regime. Attention is also paid to a number of subtopics related to the social, economic, cultural and political development.

Research Team

head: Tůma Oldřich
Cuhra Jaroslav, Hoppe Jiří, Vilímek Tomáš, Vondrová Jitka

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