Department of Global Conflicts and their Consequences

In accordance with the concepts of so-called international and transnational history, the department’s work focuses along two main research lines. The first is research into global conflicts and the role of Czechoslovakia on the international stage between 1938 and 1989 (exile during the Second World War, the second resistance movement, the liberation of Czechoslovakia, and the so-called third exile). In this field, the focus is on the role of Czechoslovakia in the international communist movement and its stance within the framework of the so-called Eastern bloc during the Cold War. Moreover, the role of Czechoslovakia and subsequently the Czech Republic in post-Cold War international developments of the 1990s and into the new millennium will receive greater focus. The second area of research is the impact of global conflicts on society in general, including ethnic and social transformations (particularly in Czechoslovakian/Czech border regions after the Second World War), the fate of surviving Jewish and Roma populations and their inclusion into the new society – all with a view to placing these issues in a wider international-comparative perspective.


head: Smetana Vít
Čapková Kateřina, Janáč Jiří, Kolenovská Daniela, Kovařík David, Maršálek Zdenko, Nosková Helena, Olšáková Doubravka, Sovilj Milan, Tůma Oldřich

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