Department of Political History

The research interest of the department is the study of political institutions, participants, and forms of decision-making and their consequences in the era of the communist dictatorship and after its collapse. The approach has an affinity with the ‘new’ political history. Therefore, it is occupied not only with the central actors or formal outcomes of political bodies, but also with the way their actions are influenced by the broader context of the period. While researching political bodies, it is equally important for the department apart of their staffing to study their values, norms and symbolic content.

The history of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, the history of repressive politics and practices and political resistance, the Prague Spring of 1968, the history of parliamentarianism, political transformation after 1989 and, more recently, the history of urban politics from the Second World War to the present are among the department’s research priorities. All areas and research questions (regional or all-European in particular) are studied in broader national perspectives in systematic cooperation with colleagues and partner research teams from abroad.


head: Roubal Petr
Drápala Milan, Dobeš Jan, Hoppe Jiří, Kocian Jiří, Lenčéšová Michaela, Pernes Jiří, Pinerová Klára, Průchová#Hrůzová Andrea, Spurný Matěj, Štefek Martin, Tučková Michaela, Zahradníček Tomáš

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