II. Humans, identities, environments

The first area of research is the historical development of Czech and Czechoslovak society during the era of state socialism and following 1989. This encompasses the interrelationships between social and economic development in the context of political transformations that occurred in the second half of the 20th century. The research focuses on the impact of political and economic power on everyday life, with particular emphasis on social welfare policies, social inequalities, social and economic exclusion, living standards and, more generally, the interaction between citizens and the state. A significant area of research is the social and economic history of urban planning and housing in Czechoslovakia before and after 1989, and in the Czech and Slovak Republics in the 1990s.

The second area of research is the history of national and ethnic minorities and ethnic transformations in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Lands during the Second World War and after 1945. The research focuses on the Holocaust, the fate of the surviving Jewish and Roma populations after 1945 and their integration into society, the national and ethnic aspects of the Second World War military (former Czechoslovak citizens in the Wehrmacht and German and Jewish soldiers in the Czechoslovak exile military units), and the development of the Czechoslovak/Czech borderlands after the Second World War. Furthermore, the department engages in research pertaining to the experiences of foreign citizens in socialist Czechoslovakia and their interactions with Czechoslovak society. This includes research on international student exchange programs and labor migration.


head: Bortlová#Vondráková Hana, Vilímek Tomáš
Bednařík Petr, Berkyová Renata, Čapková Kateřina, Černá Marie, Holečková Marta#Edith, Houda Přemysl, Jandák Marek, Kasíková Jana, Kovařík David, Loučová Petra, Maršálek Zdenko, Nosková Helena, Pácha Martin, Patočková Radka, Pešta Mikuláš, Roubal Petr, Schindler-Wisten Petra, Spurný Matěj, Tučková Michaela, Vilímek Tomáš, Zdařilová Eva

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