Parliaments in Transition Research Group

The research group was established around the project Federal Assembly 1989–1992: Emancipation of Legislative Power sponsored by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic and taking place between 2011 and 2013. The research of the last Czechoslovak federal parliament after November 1989 studies professionalization of politics, interactions of the parliament and the media, and a search for a new position in the political system, all of the above taking place at the time when Czechoslovakia was looking for a new state form, namely a federation of two republics. Continuities with previous and subsequent periods identified in the course of the project prompted the research team to focus on other transformations of Czechoslovak and Czech parliaments (e.g. in 1945–1948, 1968, during the period of late state socialism, or after the formation of the independent Czech Republic) and to compare them with other federative states.

The research group is a part of the European Information and Research Network on Parliamentary History (EuParl.Net), a European organization for cooperation and sharing of results of research in the field of parliamentary history.

Research Team

head: Gjuričová Adéla
Andělová Kristina, Suk Jiří, Zahradníček Tomáš

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