Research Group on Contemporary Environmental History

The research group on contemporary environmental history studies various aspects of practical and scientific policies in relation to nature and living conditions of the society in this environment. At the moment, its research activities are focused on several ongoing projects, namely: The Stalin Plan for the Transformation of Nature in Czechoslovakia (sponsored by a grant of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic), Disputes about Water: Continuities and Discontinuities in the Development of the Czechoslovak Scientific Discourse on Water Management (a post-doctoral project of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic), A Great Experiment in Socialist Modernity: The Destruction of the Historical Town of Most, Its Causes, Legitimation, and Practice (sponsored by a grant of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic), or From Sovietization to European Integration: Foreign Technology, Networks, Actors in the Modernization of Socialist and Post Socialist Car Manufacturing (a project supported by the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic under the Purkyně Fellowship).

The research group cooperates on or directly participates in activities of the Environmental History Workshop, an informal group of scientists in different disciplines and various specializations in the field of humanities, who favour an interdisciplinary approach toward environmental history and are directly or indirectly involved in research related to environmental issues.

Research Team

head: Janáč Jiří
Čížová Júlia, Ďurčo Michal, Loučová Petra, Olšáková Doubravka, Spurný Matěj

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