Research Group on the History of Post-Socialism

The research group focuses on political, social and cultural transformations of the Czech and Czechoslovak society that has been taking place in the past approximately 30 years. This period crosses the important borderline of the year 1989 which in fact unproductively separates the historiography of state socialism and the social science reflection of post-socialism. The group historicises the principal present-day topics (parliamentary democracy, economic transformation, consumerist capitalism, Europeanisation, environmentalism, changes in political and national identities, corruption) by investigating their sources, developmental possibilities and limits over the longer time continuum from the late socialism of the 1980s to the present day. Contrary to the systematic viewpoint of mainstream social science literature, the group emphasises a diachronic time axis and perspective of different historical actors, both individual and collective. Apart from crossing the 1989 barrier, it also attempts to reach beyond the narrow national-historical perspective, perceiving the phenomena being studied as an outcome of broader (Central) European processes.

Research Team

head: Kopeček Michal
Gjuričová Adéla, Pehe Veronika, Roubal Petr, Sommer Vítězslav, Spurný Matěj, Suk Jiří, Zahradníček Tomáš

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