Contacts and Library Services

The Institute of Contemporary History of the Czech Academy of Sciences Library and Reading Room

Vlašská 9, Prague 1, 118 00
Tel.: +420 257 286 361

Opening hours for the public

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 – 16:30

Chief librarian, ASEP, cataloguing

Mgr. Gabriela Golasová
Tel: +420 257 286 365

Acquisitions, exchange, ILLS

Mgr. Jiřina Bumbová
Tel: +420 257 286 345

Reading room, periodicals, ILS

Eliška Trávníčková
Tel: +420 257 286 361


Eva Štěpánová
Tel: +420 257 286 345

Library services

Loan services

Visitors are welcome to use the library’s book and journal holdings for reference purposes (all staff of the Institute have borrowing rights for home loans). Most items are available immediately, but some are held at the depository in Jenštejn and are available within two days.

Inter-library loan services

The library of the Institute provides an inter-library loan service to all libraries in the Czech Republic. Only staff members of the Institute are eligible for both internal and international inter-library loans arranged by the Institute.


Access to the Internet, Wi-Fi network and selected, licensed databases.

Bibliographic information and research services

Researching topics of interest, help with searching Czech and foreign literature in the field of study, and additional advisory services relating to the field of study.

Reproduction services

Photocopying and printing services, as well as microfilm scanning with a printer, are provided for personal use under the copyright law. Fees for copies made are listed in the Reproduction services price list. The use of the library and its facilities is subject to library regulations. The reading room is protected by the GATEWAY radio frequency system.

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