What Is A Witness? A Lecture by Annette Wieviorka

A joint event of CEFRES, Institute of Contemporary History CAS and the Prague Center for Jewish Studies at Charles University

Annette Wieviorka is probably one of the famous French historians on the Holocaust and a specialist of the history of Jews in France. A distinguished researcher of French National Research Center (CNRS), she just published 1945. La découverte (Le Seuil, 2017), dealing with the discovery of the Nazi concentration camps in April and May 1945 by the Allies through the testimonies of two war reporters. Among her books translated into English, one will read her groundbreaking The Era of the Witness (Cornell, 2006), along with Auschwitz Explained to My Child (Marlowe & Co, 2002). She talks about her personal trajectory in a series of interviews conducted by Séverine Nikel published in French under the title L’heure d’exactitude (2011). Annette Wieviorka will give her insight on the figure of the witness at the time of WWII during her lecture in Prague.

21 February 2018, 5:30 PM, Faculty of Arts, Charles University

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