Networks of Escape: Jewish Refugees, Voluntary Organizations, and Escape from East-Central Europe

Between October 1938 and October 1941, almost a quarter of the Jewish population of Bohemia and Moravia managed to escape Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia. Given all the obstacles to emigration—an occupation government, a world war, international reluctance to grant visas, and extortionist Nazi emigration policies—this was an extraordinary achievement. Czechoslovak Jews scattered across the globe, from Shanghai and India, to Madagascar and Ecuador. How did they accomplish this daunting task? This talk explores the creation of a grassroots transnational network of escape. This network connected Boston-based Unitarians, London-based socialists, and Prague-based Jewish social workers in a complex web of interfaith refugee assistance. Lacking rigid centralization, yet tightly bound by domestic and international connections, refugee aid groups effectively responded to the rapidly changing circumstances of wartime Europe.

S přednáškou vystoupí: Laura Brade (Albion College), s komentáři: Chad Bryant (UNC at Chapel Hill) a Michal Frankl (MÚA AV ČR)

Seminář k soudobým dějinám

30. května 2018 v 16 hodin, studovna ÚSD, Vlašská 9, Praha 1


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