A History of the Czech Lands

Oldřich Tůma, Jiří Kocian, Jiří Pernes, Jiří Suk, a kol.

A History of the Czech Lands is the first work providing systematic exposition of the Czech history from the prehistory to the establishment of the Czech Republic. Despite its youth as a nation, this land and the areas just outside its modern borders boast an ancient and intricate past. The book, edited by Jaroslav Pánek and Oldřich Tůma – along with several scholars from the Czech Academy of Sciences and Charles University – follows the development of the Czech state and nation as well as that of the minorities living on the Czech Lands territory, mainly Jews, Germans, Poles and Slovaks.

TŮMA, Oldřich – PÁNEK, Jaroslav et al. A history of the Czech Lands. Prague: Karolinum Press, 2009. 639 s. ISBN 978-80-246-1645-2.

A History of the Czech Lands

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