Dějiny Komunistické strany Československa IV. 1969-1993

Jiří Kocian, Jaroslav Pažout, Tomáš Vilímek, Stanislav Balík, Vít Hloušek

The book analyzes various aspects of activities of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (KSČ) during the so-called Normalization (1969–1989) and the „Transformation” at the beginning of the 90 of the 20th century. Using all sorts of sources and research and available literature the book brings to our attention not only key landmarks of the development of the Communist Party and its organizational structure but also a transformation of the political system and a mutual interaction between the Party and the society. Some attention was also dedicated to the foreign perspective on the existence of the Communist Party. The book is not only an attempt to summarize critically and in a more complex way the contemporary state of research in the area of the development of the KSČ in the given time period. A goal of the book is also to introduce several new facts or less known facts and furthermore to offer additional thought-provoking topics for a debate.

KOCIAN, Jiří – PAŽOUT, Jaroslav – VILÍMEK, Tomáš – BALÍK, Stanislav – HLOUŠEK, Vít. Dějiny Komunistické strany Československa IV: (1969-1993). Praha: Academia, 2020. 591 s. ISBN 978-80-200-3174-7.

Dějiny Komunistické strany Československa IV. 1969-1993

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